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Abdominal etching provides individuals who are unable to have regular and professional exercise, a beautiful muscular abdomen.

What Is Abdominal Etching?

Abdominal six pack surgery (abdominal etching, is surgery with the aim of shaping the abdomen. Having a six pack or prominent abdominal muscles has found a lot of demand in the international community and Iran, however in many cases, these muscles do not grow prominent enough through exercise and diet. Etching abdominoplasty surgery is a solution to this problem to help people meet their aesthetic expectations.

In the following, we are going to discuss all matters related to abdominal etching in Iran, including the price, the techniques, aftercare and the complications.

Cost Of Abdominal Etching in Iran

Abdominal etching surgery in Iran is usually performed by lipomatic, liposuction, lipolysis and abdominoplasty. The cost of lipomatic surgery is slightly higher than liposuction and the cost of abdominoplasty surgery is higher than other methods. In general, the cost of abdominal etching  in Iran depends on several factors. These factors include the following:

  • The procedure (liposuction, lipomatic, etc…);
  • The surgeon fee;
  • Equipment used before, during and after surgery;
  • Type of anesthesia;
  • The amount of fat removed;
  • Patient’s general health and condition.

Take a look at the charts below to compare abdominal etching prices in Iran with the rest of the world.

Price in Iran vs. rest of the world
Iran : 2000$
Turkey : 3500$
India : 4000$
Brazil : 4505$
Thailand : 4533$
USA : 7600$

Procedure Details

Abdominal etching takes 2 to 3 hours, requires general anesthesia and 1 night of clinical stay . The average healing span for this surgery is 1 to 2 months and the candidate can resume work in just 14 days.




2 - 3 Hours

Clinical Stay

1 Night

Total Stay

14 - 20 Days

Back to Work

14 - 20 Days


1 – 2 Months

What Is Abdominal Etching?

Today, our lifestyle and nutrition have massively changed from the past. The tendency to do sedentary and restricted activities along with consuming fatty and processed foods has increased fat in various parts of the body such as the abdomen.

On the other hand, factors such as aging, intermittent weight gain and pregnancy in women cause loose tissue in the central areas of the body such as the abdomen and hips.

Increased belly fat, in addition to cardiovascular risks and underlying diseases such as diabetes, causes the abdomen to lose its natural shape. Fat accumulated in the abdomen covers the muscles of the abdominal wall leading to deformity. Excess belly fat also limits exercise and daily activities while raising the risk of many other illnesses in the long run.

Such risks and problems have led people and doctors to look for ways to remove excess belly fat and improve the condition of the abdominal muscles. This excess fat may not be eliminated by methods such as diet or exercise. Also, many people are unable to add regular exercise into their daily schedules. Abdominal etching brings six pack muscles through surgery. On the other hand, this operation is not in conflict with exercise and a healthy lifestyle and can be combined with regular activity and exercise to create a much more lasting result.

Abdominal etching is not only for women. It has been facing an increasing demand for men. This surgery is used for all those with abdominal deformity and dissatisfaction and brings them closer to the self-image they desire.

In abdominoplasty, accumulated excess fat in the abdomen is removed from the body through various techniques, and as a result, the abdominal muscles appear as prominent as possible.

Methods of Abdominal Etching

In this procedure, the surgeon uses a small cannula to remove excess fat from the abdomen. In lipomatic, if necessary, the extracted fats can be used to shape other parts of the body.

Similar to lipolysis, in liposuction fats are first broken down and then removed from the body.

In this method, fats are broken down and removed from the body using laser or sound waves.

Tummy Tuck
In abdominoplasty, the abdomen is cut and excess abdominal tissue, including skin and some fat, is removed. The abdominal muscles are also shaped as desired. This method is more complex than other methods, but it also leads to clearer results.

In this method, fats are broken down by physical movements and removed from the body in a relatively healthy way.

Ultra Z
Ultra Z boosts the fat breakdown procedure using sound waves.

In Iran, a combination of two or more of the above mentioned methods may be used in abdominal etching surgery to achieve a more lasting and prominent result. For example, excess fat can be removed by lipomatics first, then excess abdominal tissue can be removed by abdominoplasty surgery.

In unsustainable and less standard methods, belly fat may be cut and shaped into six packs. This technique does not yield very durable results and does not cause fat loss.

Having a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and regular exercise is an integral part of abdominal etching surgery and helps to make the surgical results last longer.

Who Is It For?

  • People who are unable to get six packs through exercise;
  • People with extra fat in the abdomen and hips;
  • Those with loose, extra skin in the center of the body;
  • People who have abdominal discomfort due to weight loss;
  • Women who want to return to their previous physical state after giving birth.

Advantages of Abdominal Etching in Iran

  • Cost-effectiveness compared to many countries;
  • Complication free;
  • Achieving ideal body shape in the shortest possible time;
  • Abdominal muscles become more prominent;
  • Reducing belly fat;
  • Reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure;
  • Faster recovery compared to other surgical procedures;
  • Correcting the tissue under the skin of the abdomen;
  • Helping with weight loss;
  • Increasing confidence and a positive body image;
  • Removal of lines and cracks caused by pregnancy and abdominal obesity;
  • Possibility to use the removed fats to add volume to other parts of the body;
  • Creating a uniform surface in the abdomen;
  • Removing excess and loose skin in the abdomen.

Preoperative Preparations

  • Talk to your doctor during your consultation session about the purpose of your treatment and ask your doctor for the right way to perform surgery.
  • Inform your doctor about any medications you are taking, your health status, possible illnesses, pregnancy and lactation, and any medical or food allergies.
  • Stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and tobacco some time before the operation.
  • Before undergoing surgery, make sure you lose the necessary weight and reach your ideal weight.
  • Start regular exercise before the operation.
  • Discontinue blood thinners and anti-inflammatory painkillers in consultation with your doctor one to two weeks before surgery.
  • Perform all required tests and imaging as prescribed by your doctor before surgery and show the results to your doctor.
  • Improve your eating style and include healthy foods from all categories in your diet.

How It Is Done

In Iran, abdominal etching often requires general anesthesia and depending on the extent of the operation, it takes between one to two hours on average, . If additional treatment is necessary the surgery may take longer.

In liposuction, two or more holes, that are a few millimeters deep, are first made in the abdomen and waistline. Then a special tool called canola enters the abdomen through these holes and to deteriorate the fat. This process will damage the fat cells. The operator will eventually remove the crushed fat from the body through suction.

Lipomatic is somewhat similar to liposuction. However, it does not damage the fat cells and keeps them ready for reinjection.

In lipolysis, instead of canola and physical blows, laser waves break the fats down of a specific wavelength and removed from the body. The rest of the fat is shed by the body over time.

If you need tummy tuck surgery, the surgeon will make a vertical or horizontal incision in your abdomen and remove excess tissue, including skin and the stubborn fat. The surgeon will then suture the muscles to the abdominal wall and the sides to contract slightly. You can only perform abdominoplasty in the lower part of the umbilicus in a limited way, or the doctor may also open the upper abdomen and remove excess tissue. In this method, the surgeon also determines the position of the umbilicus.

In some techniques such as abdominoplasty the surgeon inserts tubes called drains under your skin at the operation site to remove discharge and blood from the site once the surgery is over.

Who Is Not The Right Candidate For Abdominal Etching?

  • People who are allergic to anesthetics;
  • People who are overweight by more than 30%;
  • Women who plan to become pregnant in the future;
  • People under 20 or over 60 years old;
  • People who have had previous plastic surgery on the abdomen.

Postoperative Care

  • Pain, swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the abdomen are normal and go away completely after a few days to a few weeks. You can use painkillers prescribed by your doctor to control pain and inflammation.
  • Avoid heavy exercise for at least two to four weeks, but daily activities and light walking will greatly improve your physical condition.
  • Do not put pressure or sleep on your abdomen until fully recovered.
  • Use the special waist belts prescribed by your doctor for a few weeks.
  • Include healthy eating and regular exercise in your daily routine.
  • The results of the operation appear after three to six months, so be patient and continue the necessary care.
  • Take prescribed medications such as antibiotics as directed by your doctor to avoid side effects.
  • Do not bathe for three days after surgery and clean your body with a damp sponge.
  • Change your wound dressing daily and regularly and maintain the hygiene of the surgery site.
  • Avoid straining and putting any pressure on the abdomen.

Comparing Abdominal Etching With Similar Beauty Treatments

Compared to methods such as coolsculpting and other physical methods of fat reduction, abdominal etching has a greater and clearer effect on the reduction of abdominal fat and leaves more lasting effects. Depending on your goal of treatment and the amount of excess fat in your body, it is best to consult your doctor to choose the best treatment for you.


The most important thing in choosing the best abdominal etching in Iran is choosing a trained and experienced plastic surgeon. Choosing a qualified and reliable doctor will keep you from the complications of surgery and produce excellent results. In Medpaltrip we make sure your treatment is in the hands of  the most distinguished plastic surgeons and accompany you throughout all the stages to achieve the best results.

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