Who Are We?

Countless people face medical and cosmetic difficulties every year whether because their local doctors lack the necessary expertise, do not have access to proper hospitalization or the costs are too extreme for their budgets. One solution is traveling to other countries to receive the necessary services. This is known as Medical Tourism.

Medpaltrip is a well-known brand in Iran’s Medical Tourism. We provide a wide range of Medical and Cosmetic Tourism Services to clients from all over the world.

Medpaltrip is a licensed medical tourism agency that is partnered with numerous well equipped hospitals and specialty clinics, proficient medical and cosmetic teams and doctors and world class four and five-star hotels.

Our professional team helps you make the right decisions by providing free consultation. Once you make your decision, they will introduce a vast array of personalized medical and cosmetic trip packages and plan a safe trip with outstanding results for you. While achieving the above, our experts will keep the costs at minimum.

We Are Happy To Help You

Medpaltrip will be at your side assisting you from the moment you make your medical trip decision until you are safely back in your home country.

Our chief aim is to help you relax and only concentrate on your treatment procedure. You can leave everything else to us.

Our teams cover every possible ground of services from free consultations, visa operation and travel tickets to accommodation, meals, hospitalization and even your prescription and postoperative care. Your safe return to your home country and follow ups are also part of our duties.

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Why MedPalTrip?

Finding and selecting a reputable and reliable company to facilitate your medical travel is a crucial decision to make. MedPalTrip is a leading medical and health tourism agency in Iran who can manage every detail and all the needs of a tranquil medical travel. According to the existence of high sensitivity of surgeries, there are important points to regard about us in your mind.
Customized Packages

Customized Packages

Every client is unique and all our clients matter equally! We make sure your selected physician fully examines your pictures and medical documents. We have also made it possible for you to create your own package with absolute freedom. You can go ahead and select your hotel, physician and transfer or choose from our tailored packages!


Does language barrier worry you? Well do not be afraid! Our local interpreters with excellent command of the English language will be by your side throughout your medical trip to make sure you are free of worries, no matter where you are!


Qualified Surgeons

Qualified Surgeons

Your well-being is our priority. In MedPalTrip we have sophisticated filtering systems that will flush out any physicians that are less than %100 proficient in what they do. Our physicians are the most well-known and experienced doctors who have produced countless mesmerizing results in the past.

On Call Medical Expert

On Call Medical Expert

You will have the privilege of having a 24/7 on-call medical expert during your entire trip to cover any questions or possible discomfort you may have. What’s more is that this service is absolutely free.

Logistics Expert

Logistics Expert

With our logistic experts sorting out your accommodation and transfer requirements you will enjoy a smooth and comfortable stay in the country without having to worry about your logistics.

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

In fact, there are no hidden or extra fees to add later to your package. Make sure the price of your package is stable and competitive.


Medpaltrip is a Medical Tourism Agency in Iran which has successfully acquired all the necessary licenses and certificates regarding medical tourism from The Ministry of Health and Medical Education and The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handcrafts.

Licensed to provide Medical Tourism services and connect with physicians and hospitals certified by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Certificate of Membership in Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture

لوح انجمن صنفی دفاتر مبناسفردوران copy

License Certificate to be a member of Tehran Travel and Tour Agencies Association (TTTAA)

Licensed to be a member of Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic countries (HTDC)

Licensed to apply for visa, hotel reservation, hold tours and perform tourism services by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handcrafts (MCTH)

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