In addition to cosmetic dentistry, modern dental treatments are also offered in Iran with the highest quality at a very reasonable price. Iranian dentists are very skilled in the most difficult and complex dental treatments.

If you need any kind of advice in the field of dental treatment or beauty, we would be happy to contact Model Trip. We offer the best dentists in the best clinics and with the best travel services to Iran and with a suitable budget.


Dental Treatment

dental implants 3

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best and newest way to replace missing teeth. Implanted teeth are natural, beautiful, radiant and strong.

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A crown is a metal or ceramic cap the same color as the tooth that is mounted on the tooth to restore the function and beauty of the tooth.

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dental filling (tooth filling)

Dental Restoration

Tooth restoration consists of the removal of caries, unpleasantly colored and deformed areas on the crown and repairing fractures while assisting the beauty of the teeth.

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Night Guard

Some people gnash their teeth while sleeping or waking up. Night guard is used to prevent pressure on the teeth and caries.

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Tooth Extraction

In cases where dental treatments and denervation are not effective for dental treatment, or wisdom teeth do not have enough space, the dentist is forced to extract the tooth.

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teeth whitening


White and shiny teeth are one of the most important factors in a beautiful smile. In bleaching, discolored teeth regain their natural white color.

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