Dr. Farah Al-Qais

Dr. Farah Al-Qais

Scientific activities:

  • Specialized in courses of hair transplant surgery in France since 2006
  • Attending in specialized hair transplant congresses in France, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States and Thailand
  • Obtaining a specialized certificate for hair transplant surgery from the University of Tehran in 2010
  • More than 15 years of experience in hair transplantation
  • More than ten thousand successful transplants

Educational Background:

  • Member of the International Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons (ISHRS)
  • Member of the European Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons

Cosmetic activities and experience:

  • Hair transplantation
  • Eyebrow transplantation
  • Beard implantation
  • Mustache planting
  • Mesotherapy

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