Dr. Hirbod Behnam

Medical Specialty 

  • ENT

Area of Expertise

  • Nose plastic surgery
  • Ear cosmetic surgery
  • Sinus surgery and endoscopy
  • Jaw angulation
  • Face lifting
  • Eyelid cosmetic surgery
  • Cosmetic injections


  • Surgeon and otolaryngologist
  • Otology Super specialist Fellowship
  • Member of the academic staff of the university
  • Many courses of endoscopic surgery in Austria under Prof. Moslem’s supervision
  • Sinus endoscopy under Prof. Stamberger’ supervision in 2005
  • Advanced nose plastic surgery course in Seattle, USA in 2008
  • Course of endoscopic ear surgery in the UAE under professor Tarabichi’ supervision
  • Performing the first endoscopic ear surgery in Iran

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