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Medpaltrip is a recognized medical tourism agency in Iran providing a vast array of medical tourism services with world class standards. The vision of Medpaltrip is to take care of all the roadblocks ahead so our customers can freely focus only on their treatment process.


All-Inclusive Medical Travel Packages Details

Travel Packages to Iran​

Packages are flexible and can be customized by yourself. You can add required services or remove some other services. Please feel free to contact us and get a free consultation.

Travel Packages Details

Medical Tourism is our speciality. We provide all the necessary services from the moment you make the choice to receive medical, clinical or cosmetic treatments from all over the world.


Acquire Information About Medical Tourism in Iran

For more information on our various medical, clinical and cosmetic services, our board of specialist physicians and surgeons, testimonials,pictures of pre – and post-operation, parent hospitals and clinics, hotels and accomodation, travel packages and Iran Health Tourism visit our website and social media.


Free Medical Consultation for Your Medical Trip

By filling up our simple personal information form, our team of trained medical tourism experts reach out to you to help you choose the most suitable medical-travel packages. You can also contact us through landlines and our WhatsApp numbers.


Online Consultation With Your Physicians

Whether necessary or simply your wish, we help you get in touch with your physicians before your trip. This way, we can plan your medical trip with all the sufficient information about your treatment.


Medical Visa and Travel Insurance

Medpaltrip takes care of your medical visa and travel insurance to speed up the process of getting the necessary permits for entering Iran. You can also leave your flight arrangements to us.



Our in-person services begin from the moment you step out of your flight. We provide free transportation from the airport to your hotel and back. Trips for your physicians appointments, laboratories, medical imaging centres and hospitals are also part of our services.



Providing an accommodation that suits best to your pre- and post-operative conditions is also part of our packages. We have partnered with world class four and five-star hotels. If you are travelling with your family, we can also arrange private apartment units for your needs.


Your Personal Interpreter

In our packages, we have included free trained interpreters escorting you during your visits to laboratories, physician appointments, hospital and while receiving treatments and surgeries. If you wish to use our city tours, our interpreters will be by your side too.


Free Medical Tests and Imaging

A number of common tests are often necessary before surgeries for the physicians to get a better insight about the general conditions of the patient. Medpaltrip takes care of these free of charge with their packages. If you are at a certain age or under special medical conditions, there may be some other complementary tests required in order to help the physician take better note of your overall stability and physical condition.


Free Consultations With Your Physicians

Your physician appointments both before and after your surgery are also covered by Medpaltrip. They will see you to compare your pre- and post-operative test results and provide you with the necessary recommendations.


City Tours

Most of the cities of Iran, including the capital city of Tehran, have unmatching nature, beautiful parks and recreation areas, museums and monuments that would drag one into the depth of the past, colorful bazaars dating back hundreds of years, shopping centers with mesmerizing architecture, a variety of exotic traditional and modern restaurants and many more unique tourist attractions which you can enjoy before hospitalization.


Your Surgeries

Medpaltrip is in close partnership with top notch hospitals and surgical clinics where the most advanced equipment are used and the most professionally trained staff are put to work to provide the highest quality of services for you. We ensure your operations are carried out in the most distinguished centres and you receive excellent service while being discharged.


Postoperative Care

We help you recover from your surgeries with our postoperative care services. Depending on your surgery and treatment, you can enjoy the presence of our professional certified nurses available in our packages either for specific services or 24/7 to assist and speed up your recovery.


Travel to Other Cities of Iran As A Tourist

Once you are fully recovered, you can also enjoy our other travel tour packages including pilgrimage trips. Some of the most desired cities of Iran include Mashhad, Isfahan where history, art and colors collide, Shiraz, the heart of Iran’s ancient history and northern cities with magnificent meditarianan weather.


Follow Up

Our services do not terminate with your leaf. Our experts will be in touch with you after you have flown back to your country for several months to do the necessary follow-ups. Medpaltrip has also made it possible to have further consultations with your doctors online once you are in your home country.

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