Rhinoplasty or Nose Job in Iran

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Need help with your nose job in Iran? With our world-class surgeons, Iran is your ideal destination for both primary or revision nose job.

Nose Job in Iran, The Best Choice

Iran is known as the capital of nose job in the world; therefore, several thousand foreign travelers travel to Iran every year to have nose job. Furthermore, due to the difference in the value of the Iranian currency and the dollar, the costs of nose job, travel and accommodations in Iran are more affordable than other countries.

We Offer the Best Prices for Nose Job in Iran

We help you to have your nose operated by the highly-qualified Iranian surgeons, based on your budget.

The expertise, experience and reputation of surgeons determine the cost of nose job. We help you to have your nose operated by the highly-qualified Iranian surgeons, based on your budget.

Consult with us to choose the best surgeon for you.

All-Inclusive Medical Travel Packages

We also have prepared all-inclusive travel packages for your nose job in Iran. Packages are flexible and can be customized by yourself. Furthermore our experts will help you choose the best hotels according to your budget, and the location of the surgeon’s office and surgery clinic.

Our Guests Testimonials

At MedPalTrip we have guests from all over the world who have entrusted us with the procedure of their nose surgery in Iran. The best evidence of the successful performance of MedPalTrip is our guests’ reviews. 

"The whole experience was really really nice"

The kind words of our guest from Netherlands 🇳🇱

Our dear guest Taher from Belgium 🇧🇪

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"Honestly, Everything Went Really Smooth!"

A video of our Australian🇦🇺 client, speaks about her experience of traveling to Iran.

3 siblings from Netherlands🇳🇱, who were our guests for the nose job

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Fatima from the Netherlands🇳🇱

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Dear guest from Kuwait 🇰🇼

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Hassan from Australia 🇦🇺

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Our lovely guest “Asmat” from India 🇮🇳

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Our lovely guest “Akbar” from Germany 🇩🇪
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Our kindest Tamanna from New Zealand 🇳🇿

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Before and After Nose Job Photos in Iran

Here are just a few of the nose jobs done through the capable hands of our medical team. These before and after images are produced to help our guests compare their nose shapes and get a better idea of what their results may look like. You can see more before-after pictures in their corresponding page.

Best Nose Surgeon in Iran

The quality of surgery is one of the main factors in choosing nose job. As mentioned, Iran is one of the best countries in the field of nose job. Iranian surgeons are experts in performing all kinds of nose job. In addition to the beauty of the nose, respiratory problems of noses with deviated airways or fractures can be easily removed by Iranian surgeons.

Moreover, many people who have had rhinoplasty in their own country or in other countries and are not satisfied with the result, ask Iranian surgeons for help in performing revision rhinoplasty.

Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons who work with us are among the most specialized surgeons in the world who have experience in different types of rhinoplasty with different structures, different problems, and of different nationalities.

All surgeons who work with us have the following qualifications:

  • ENT specialist or plastic surgeon.
  • Graduated from the best universities and membership in rhinoplasty associations.
  • More than 10 years of experience in rhinoplasty with more than 50 operations per month.
  • The highest satisfaction of patients in continuous evaluations

The Nose Job Cost in Iran is Affordable?

Cost is one of the main factors in choosing a place to have surgery. For this reason, choosing the best country for nose job has always been a common question.

Due to the currency rate differences, the total cost of travel for nose job in Iran is far less than just the cost of nose job itself in many countries; Meanwhile, the quality of rhinoplasty in Iran is even higher than international standards.

The cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is determined according to the following:

  • Primary nose job or revision.
  • The patient’s fracture or deviation of the airways.
  • ENT specialist or a plastic surgeon.
  • Surgical procedure
  • Reputation and experience of the surgeon.
  • Patients’ satisfaction

The cost of nose surgery in Iran by prominent and experienced surgeons for PRIMARY RHINOPLASTY varies from $1,100 to  $2500 The prices that are lower than mentioned are also available with less experienced young surgeons or surgeons with low patient satisfaction, which are not recommended by MedPalTrip medical team.

The table below shows that the cost of surgery in Iran is about 30 to 300 percent cheaper than in other countries:

Price in Iran vs. rest of the world
Iran : $1100
India : $1900
Turkey : $2000
Thailand : $2500
Brazil : $3500
USA : $5500
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Specifications of Nose Surgery in Iran

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and lasts a maximum of 2 hours. Even revision nose surgeries in Iran usually do not require hospitalization. After 6 days, the patient can return to his country and resume his daily activities after 12 days. The final result of the operation is stabilized after 1 to 2 months.




1 - 2 hours

Clinical Stay

Not Necessary

Total Stay

7 Days

Back to Work

12 Days


1 - 2 Months

Travel Plan to Iran for Nose Job

Our goal is that you can focus only on treatment, which is why we have the best services for you. Treatment and travel plan to Iran for rhinoplasty is usually done as follows. Of course, the itinerary may vary slightly and is flexible depending on the package selected and the surgeon’s opinion:

  • Free consultation with MedPalTrip medical experts
  • Free travel consultation
  • Receiving visa and travel insurance
  • hotel reservation
Before entering Iran
1st day of travel

  • Airport welcome
  • Hotel transfer
  • Medical visit and consultation with the desired surgeon
  • Necessary medical tests and imaging
  • Welcome dinner

  • Rhinoplasty surgery
  • A few hours of rest in the clinic
  • Receiving medications
  • Discharge from the clinic and return to the hotel
2nd day of travel
3rd day of travel

  • Rest in the hotel
  • Following the treatment process by company experts

  • Postoperative visit with your surgeon
  • Tampon removal (if any)
4th day of the trip
5th day of travel

  • City tour can be done on this day or before the surgery at the surgeon's discretion.

  • Visit the MedPalTrip office
  • Meeting with company managers
  • Receive a gift from the company
6th day of travel
7th day of travel

  • Visit and remove nasal plaster
  • Get operated nose care instructions

  • Hotel transfer
  • Escort to the airport
8th day of travel
After returning home

  • Follow-up

Nose Job Techniques in Iran

Closed Nose Surgery (Laser Nose Surgery)

Open Nose Surgery

Nose Job in Iran -Techniques

Types of Nose Surgery

Regardless of whether the nose operation is performed in open or closed manner, can also be divided to according subcategories:

Nose Reduction Surgery

Augmentation Nose Job

Reshaping the Nose

Changing the Angle of the Nose and Upper Lip

Fantasy or Doll Line Nose Job (Barbie nose job)

Piezoplasty or Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty or Piezo

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How Persian Nose Job is Done?

Nose Job is a relatively low-risk surgery performed to correct the shape and structure of the nose. Iranian nose surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and does not require hospitalization.  So if you intend to improve your nose and breathing and enhance your facial features in middle eastern, we are here to help.

Nasal Anesthesia

Nose Job Procedure

Nose Splint After Nose Job

How to Prepare for Iran Nose Job

Nose Job in Iran - Prepare

Things To Do The Night Before Nose Job

What Should Be Done In The Nose Job Surgery Day

Tips of Nose Surgery Recovery Period

Nose Job in Iran - Recovery Period

Nose Job is an outpatient surgery which means that in many cases you do not need to stay overnight in the hospital. After surgery, you should expect the following :

  • You will not stay in the hospital after the surgery and you will have to return to your place of residence.
  • Eat snacks and drinks such as jellies, fruit smoothies, puddings and porridge.
  • Get a good lip moisturizer. Your mouth will be very dry after surgery. Having a lip moisturizer (or lip balm) will make you feel more comfortable.
  • Have plenty of clean clothes. You will spend time in bed after surgery, and the surgery site may have blood discharge. Having lots of clothes makes you not have to worry about this.
  • After surgery, you are expected to experience a mild to moderate illness for a few days, which can be cured with painkillers.
  • A few days after surgery, the patient may appear a little strange to be present at work and in the community due to possible bruising. Bruising usually covers the underside of the eyes and around the nose and usually begins to heal after the third day.
  • After surgery, you should expect to use a splint for a while to adequately protect the repaired bone and cartilage of the nose.
  • After about a week, you will need to see a doctor to remove the stitches.
  • You should avoid strenuous activities such as jogging or swimming for two to three weeks.
  • It is necessary not to wear glasses for four to five weeks.
  • After two to three weeks, there will probably be no trace of surgery and you can return to normal social life.

Probable Nose Job Side Effects

Nose Job in Iran - Post Operative Care

Mild Pain After Nose Job

Nose Swelling After Nose Operation

Bruising After Nose Job

Some Bleeding After Nose Surgery is Common

Temporary Facial Numbness After Nose Job


Maximum of 2 to 3 hours.

In open nose surgery, the doctor makes an incision between the nasal cavities (out of the nose), however in closed nose jobs the surgeon makes a surgical incision inside the nasal cavity.

Rhinoplasty has become an easy operation these days and based on the patients testimonials the pain is mild.
Your nose will be bruised and swollen, and you may get dark bruises around your eyes. The swelling may get worse before it gets better. Most of the swelling should go away in 3 to 4 weeks. You will have some pain in your nose, and you may have a headache.
Rhinoplasty can be done with surgical or non-surgical skin related procedures. For instance: fillers and fat injections to remove lines and wrinkles. Also, facelift, eyelid lift and brow lift.

The price of surgery in Iran varies from $ 1,200 to $ 4,000.

Accordion CoUp to 2 weeks, time off MAY be needed.ntent
The person needs to be at the age that has stopped growing which would be older than 13.
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38 Responses

    1. From the moment you enter the hospital to the time you leave would take 5 to 6 hours. The surgery alone takes around 2 hours.

    1. Most of our nose jobs are done through close surgery. However your doctor will determine the type of surgery that is required.

    1. We are sorry to hear that. Unfortunately you need to wait for at least 1 year before you can do a revision rhinoplasty. You can read more about this procedure here.

    1. This is determined by your surgeon but generally speaking, the candidate will have to keep the tape on throughout the day for 6 weeks and then only during the night when they are sleeping at night.

  1. Hi, my cousin did her nose in Turkey back in June and I think she paid slightly more than your price but now after 7-8 month, the tip of her nose is starting to lose shape. It seems like it is returning to its original position. How do you guarantee this won’t happen with your company?

    1. This has actually been the concern of many people as the number of candidates who have been experiencing similar issues in many other countries is increasing. Our guarantee is our team of medical experts. Our partnered surgeons are world-wide recognized with countless international certificates and licenses. This is for us to ensure we provide maximum quality for our guests.

    1. Well the requirements for visas vary from one person to another but generally speaking we take care of both medical and tourist visas in less than a week. Contact our support team through email or Whatsapp and they will assist you accordingly.

    1. The amount of postoperative pain depends on your surgery and type of nose but generally speaking there will be minor feelings of discomfort and mild pain which will go away by taking simple painkillers.

    1. The before-after pictures you see on any of our pages are not the works of just one doctor. Click here to learn more about our doctors or, contact our support team to help you more

  2. Hi, how come your prices are so much cheaper than everywhere else in the world?

    1. This is partially because of the subsidies the government provides for medical treatments in Iran regardless of the persons’ nationality. Also the exchange rates make things cheaper for tourist when working with foreign currencies.

  3. Hi, I’m not allowed to wear the tape around my nose at work? Can I still get a nose job?

    1. Well, you must keep the tape throughout the day for 6 weeks. You may remove it for short periods of time but it is recommended for you to ask for some sort of leaf.

  4. I recently had a nose job but my nose is still stuffy after a couple of weeks, is this dangerous? I’m so scared.

    1. It’s absolutely OK. Some candidates experience this for as long as a couple of months. Rinse and wash your nose more often for short-term relief.

    1. Actually no. This is because of the fact that your nasal structure should not be under pressure for some time after the surgery.

  5. Hi I’m from Singapore and I have an ethnic nose and it’s very small. Is it possible to do some sort of nose job 2 make it bigger?

    1. This highly depends on the shape of your nose and how much bigger you want it to be after your procedure. It is possible to slightly alter the size through adding a cartilage from certain parts of your body. Please contact our support team to get further assistance.

    1. This depends on your situation and type of surgery but for general rhinoplasty, you can fly as soon as 8 days after your surgery.

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