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Ultratherapy is a type of non-invasive face lift where ultrasound waves stimulate the skin to make collagen, which in turn repairs, tightens and rejuvenates the skin.

An Overview of Ultherapy in Iran

Ultherapy before Ultherapy after

Ultherapy is an alternative treatment for facelift surgery. The durability and effectiveness of this non-surgical method has been satisfactory for many clients and has made ultrasound their first choice.

In this method, the physician will radiate ultrasound waves onto the skin and its underlying layers to increase the temperature in that area. After that, the skin reaction begins in the form of collagen production and skin repair, causing the skin to tighten and lift. In this method, no synthetic material or filler enters the body. Also, there are no incisions or wounds on the face.

In this article, we discuss some details of ultherapy including the cost, facial and body ultherapy, how it is done, the side effects and the difference between ultrasound and HIFU.

Cost of Ultherapy in Iran

The cost of ultrasound therapy in Iran depends on the following:

  • Extent of treatment area;
  • Number of sessions required and need for other treatments;
  • Level of services received, expertise and skills of the physician;
  • Materials and equipment used.

Initially, during a treatment consultation, your doctor will check the condition of your skin and determine the number of sessions and other treatments needed. At the same meeting, your doctor will inform you about the costs of your treatment. In general, the cost of complete facial HIFU in reputable clinics is between 2 to 3 million tomans. See the table below for more information.

Price in Iran vs. rest of the world
Iran : 2000$
Turkey : 3500$
India : 4000$
Brazil : 4505$
Thailand : 4533$
USA : 7600$

Procedure Details

Ultherapy is a very easy but fruitful procedure. It does not require any clinical stays or even anesthesia. It take an average of 1 hour and the healing takes a maximum of 2 days. The candidate can return to work 3 days after receiving their treatment.


Not Necessary


30 - 90 Minutes

Clinical Stay

Not Necessary

Total Stay

7 Days

Back to Work

12 Days


3 Days

Why Do We Need Ultherapy

Why ultherapy

Good and fresh skin is one of the most important criteria of beauty. Skin loses its freshness and firmness due to aging and environmental factors such as sunlight or weight gain and loss. In such cases, we use adjuvant therapies. The following are examples of treatments that improve the quality and firmness of the skin:

Filler Injection
For this method, the dermatologist injects a wide varying type of gels into the desired area to add volume to that area.

Skin Lift Surgery
This surgery removes loose and excess skin of the target area to create a sufficient lift on the face.

Laser Therapy
In this method, laser radiation is used to improve collagen production and eliminate wrinkles.

Chemical Peeling
In chemical peeling dead and damaged layers of the skin surface are removed to create healthy skin in the desired area.

Physical Exfoliation
In this method, devices such as microdermabrasion and microneedling remove damaged surface layers and increase collagen production in the skin.

What is Ultherapy? What is The Difference Between Ultrasound and HIFU?

Ultherapy is also called HIFU and ultrasound therapy. In fact, ultrasound is the newest method of HIFU and these two methods are not so much different. HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, emphasizing on ultrasound waves being focused. As the name implies, the basis of this method is to use the energy of ultrasound waves to change the texture of the skin.

HIFU is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure; This means that there is no damage to the body and skin and it is more than often painless. This is a very suitable alternative for lifting or facelift surgery and has no surgical complications at all.

The use of ultrasound in beauty and skin rejuvenation procedures began in 2008 in the United States. This technology was also used to treat some illnesses in the past. Today, HIFU devices that are licensed by the US FDA have entered the market, and some of the highest quality  HIFU devices are available in Iran.

The process of producing ultrasound waves in ultherapy is as safe as that of ultrasound devices. In ultrasound, the waves are generated by a device and radiated to the skin by certain probes. The penetration and power of these waves can be altered by the device settings to reach the desired depth, create the right heat and maximize the effectiveness of the device.

Ultrasound waves reach the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) layer or the main layer effective in lifting. The waves heat up the area causing controlled damage and stimulating collagen production. Collagens are the molecules that are responsible for the firmness of the skin, and hence, reducing the area of the skin leads to its firmness and rejuvenation. It is noteworthy that in HIFU therapy, the heat can be concentrated in a specific area without affecting the surroundings.


ultherapy application

The process of aging and sagging skin, that is due to the reduction of collagen and other structural molecules, begins at the age of 25 to 30 years. For this reason, it is better to start preventive measures to maintain the freshness and health of the skin.

HIFU therapy is one of the top non-invasive methods to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production. In Medpaltrip, we assure the best medical centers and specialists and accompany you in the treatment process.

Some of the major applications of Ultherapy are:

  • Reduction of wrinkles in different areas of the body;
  • Elimination of loose and sagging skin, especially on the face, chin and neck;
  • Lifting different parts of the face such as cheeks and eyelids;
  • Correction of smile line and chin line;
  • Improving face and jaw angles;
  • Eliminating fine wrinkles around the eyes or crow’s feet lines;
  • Tightening forehead skin and improve frown line;
  • Elimination of wrinkles and sagging of the décolleté, chest and arms;
  • Lifting eyebrows and temples;
  • Tightening the skin in cases of moderate and mild laxity for ages 70 years and below;
  • Vaginal and genital rejuvenation of women;
  • Slimming and reducing fat in different areas such as the abdomen and hips;
  • Eliminates wrinkles and cellulite on the back of the thighs and buttocks
  • Assisting the removal of skin blemishes and dark circles around the eyes and increasing skin clarity;
  • Fixing open pores of the skin;

Common Applications of Ultherapy in Iran

Facial Ultherapy

Ultrasound therapy in Iran has replaced plastic surgery in many cases. Facial HIFU therapy lifts all areas of the face and removes frown lines and smiles. Jaw angulation and skin firmness are also effects of this cosmetic therapy. Take note that this treatment is not very effective for sagging and old age, where undergoing face lift surgery is recommended.

Double Chin Ultherapy

This HIFU treatment removes sagging skin under the neck and improves the shape of the chin and lifts these areas.

Eyelid Ultherapy

This treatment lifts eyelids and eyebrows. It also eliminates drooping eyelids and removes fine wrinkles around the eyes.

Neck and Décolleté Ultherapy

Facial skin is not the only area affected by aging. Loose and sagging skin on the neck, décolleté area and arms also has a significant effect on beauty. That is why HIFU treatment can be used to tighten and lift these areas.

Nose Lift With Ultherapy

In nose lift with Ultherapy, the micro-pores of the nose are enhanced and the size of the larger areas are reduced. Of course, the effects of nasal ultherapy are not as significant as rhinoplasty, but it is effective in improving the shape and beauty of the nose.

Abdominal Ultherapy

Localized obesity in the abdomen, hips, and lower abdomen are usually difficult to resolve. Once these are removed, sagging and loose skin may occur in the thinned areas. HIFU treatment, in addition to reducing the amount of fat, tightens the skin in these areas. The penetration depth of ultrasound waves in these areas is increased to maximise the effects.

Advantages of Ultherapy in Iran

advantages of ultherapy in Iran

One of the most important benefits of ultrasound in Iran is the high quality of treatment and the marginal costs. Ultrasound devices in Iran comply with international standards. The devices used in Iran are on par with those in competing countries. On the other hand, Iranian physicians have gained the knowledge of cosmetology in the finest universities and medical centers of the world and have participated in various courses in world-class universities to be ready to serve clients. To perform Ultherapy in Iran, leave everything from appointments to medication and treatment in Iran’s top notch centers to us in Medpaltrip to enjoy seamless and enjoyable services.

Let’s take a look at some other advantages of Ultherapy in Iran.

  • The highly accurate devices in Iran only affect the desired layer without damaging the surrounding areas.
  • There is no need to use a needle or make a surgical incision.
  • HIFU activates the body’s natural response and stimulates collagen production by skin cells.
  • No artificial substance such as gels enters the body.
  • Hypnotherapy is painless or has little pain that is easily controllable with anesthetics and painkillers.
  • Ultrasound is a short process and takes less than two hours.
  • This method does not damage the skin, so there is no need for recovery. You can immediately resume your daily activities.
  • HIFU often does not have complications in comparison to facelift surgery and it is very cost effective.
  • Ultrasound is suitable for all skin types and colors and does not have the  restrictions of exfoliation treatments.
  • In most cases, the desired result surfaces in just one session. In some cases, it may eventually require three sessions of treatment.
  • HIFU has a long shelf life of about one to two years.
  • It can be a supplement to other beauty treatments to multiply their effect.

Who is It Not For?

  • People with severely flabby skin or old age;
  • People with advanced diabetes;
  • Patients with epilepsy;
  • People who have metal prostheses in the target area;
  • People with open skin infections or pores;
  • Those with active pimples and acne;
  • People who have metal dental implants;
  • People with heart batteries or pacemakers;
  • Those with MDS;
  • People who have silicone prosthesis in place;
  • Those with skin problems such as viral illnesses;
  • People who have suffered from severe sunburn;
  • Those who have lack skin elasticity due to various illnesses or old age;

Preoperative Preparations

You do not need any special preparations before performing Ultherapy and should only observe the following:

  • Inform your doctor if you have any medical issues, illnesses, or take any specific medications.
  • Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 
  • Your doctor should know if you have a dental implant, metal prosthesis or heart battery.
  • Inform your doctor if you use alcohol or drugs.
  • It is best not to take HIFU treatment for at least two weeks after receiving injectables.
  • Inform your doctor if you have used a variety of gels and fillers in the past year as the heat may dissolve them.
  • Before going for Ultherapy, cleanse and purify your skin and do not use any cosmetic products.
  • Depending on the condition of your skin and the degree of sagging and wrinkles, it is important to have a realistic vision of the results and discuss your goal of treatment with your doctor.
  • You may need complementary beauty treatments before or after ultherapy to achieve the maximum desired effect.

How Ultherapy Is Done in Iran

Ultherapy how it is done
  • The basis of Ultherapy is the use of ultrasound. Dermatologists have to use different cartridges and energy levels to achieve a variety of effects such as removing skin blemishes, wrinkles or tightening the skin. The center will prepare the necessary type of cartridge in advance according to your purpose of treatment.
  • First you will sit on a special bed to mark the target areas of the skin. Then your doctor completely cleans your skin. He will then apply anesthetic material on your skin if necessary.
  • After complete anesthesia the dermatologist removes the substance from your skin and applies a special gel on your target area. The doctor or operator then sets the device to the desired settings. 
  • The doctor or operator then moves the probe on your skin to allow the waves to penetrate under the skin. This may take between 30 to 90 minutes. The larger the area, the more time this requires. It also takes more time than facial Ultherapy to reduce belly and waist fat and eliminate cellulite in the legs and buttocks. 
  • During this treatment, you may feel warmth, itching, burning, and a slight pain in your skin, which is normal and due to the heat on the skin. 
  • Usually one treatment session will get you the desired results, but in cases of severe skin looseness or local slimming, you may need three sessions of treatment. 
  • The results of Ultherapy fall under two categories: Rapid results that surface immediately after treatment and gradual results that begin to show up about three months after treatment. These may take up to six months later. The effect of this treatment and the collagen production usually lasts up to two years. You can repeat the HIFU treatment once or twice a year to maintain the effects.

Postoperative Care

  • You will not need a recovery period after Ultherapy in Iran and can immediately resume your daily activities.
  • Mild redness and pain or swelling are usual and fade away in a few hours. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers if necessary.
  • It is best to stay away from sunlight for at least a day.
  • Do not use cosmetic products for up to two days.
  • Avoid going to the pool for a few days.
  • Use sunscreen if you are under the sun for too long.

Side Effects

According to the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration and the licenses of the Ministry of Health of Iran, the Ultherapy devices all follow specific standards and do not cause any serious complications. However, some of the very rare and mild side effects of HIFU treatment are:

  • Redness and slight swelling for a few hours after treatment;
  • Mild feeling of burning or pain in the treatment area and sensitivity to touch;
  • Bruising or bleeding in rare cases;
  • Very low risk of infection or blood clot,
  • Low chance of mild and temporary hair loss;
  • Toothache in cases where ultrasound waves came in contact with the jaw bone;
  • The possibility of dissolving different types of fillers and gels due to increasing the temperature of the area.

Comparing Ultherapy With Other Similar Techniques

Ultherapy vs other methods
  • Similar to laser therapy, Ultherapy also stimulates the production of collagen through heating, however the difference is that in Ultherapy, we use ultrasound instead of laser. Ultherapy can also penetrate deeper and be more effective. On the other hand, the laser may cause blemishes or changes in skin pigments in some areas, but Ultherapy does not have this complication.
  • Ultherapy has a temporary effect and is less effective than plastic surgery and face lift. Of course, the side effects of Ultherapy are marginal and it is a much better choice than facelift surgery which can have serious complications such as infection, clots, the risks of anesthesia, surgical scars and bleeding. Also, ultrasound therapy is much cheaper than lift surgery.
  • Compared to gels,  Ultherapy uses no foreign substances inside your skin and causes a favorable lift and firmness in the skin. 
  • Using threads for a facelift may cause infection and bleeding and is more painful, but Ultherapy does not have these side effects.


Considering all the above mentioned especially the side effects of Ultherapy, we must keep in mind that the most important factor in getting the desired results is to choose a skilled and proficient doctor as well as a standard center. The physician must have complete control over the amount of energy required and the depth required for ultrasound to penetrate different people and different skin types. Without this, the generated heat may burn the deeper layers of the skin or, conversely, the amount of energy may not be sufficient to have the desired effect. Choosing a specialist doctor and a reputable center is always one of the most difficult steps in treatment, and as the wide variety of choices may be confusing. In Medpaltrip, we will make this step easy for you and by providing you with the top notch specialists to make your Ultherapy in Iran a memorable experience.

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