Brazilian Butt Lift In Iran

Price Comparison And Surgery Details

Protruded and well-shaped buttocks play an important role in increasing beauty and fitness. Butt lift by extending the skin, tightens and shapes the hips.

A Glance At Butt Lift Surgery in Iran

brazilian butt lift Before brazilian butt lift after

Today butt lift has become one of the most popular beauty procedures in Iran. It is a beauty procedure in which excess fat is removed from the sides and thighs and then the skin of the area is stretched. In this surgery, the buttocks is reshaped to achieve a natural and beautiful shape. The drained fat can be reinjected into the buttocks; This injection of fat into the buttocks is called Brazilian butt lift.

If you are after an attractive and well-shaped buttocks, you can experience seamless and affordable butt lift in Iran through our services in Medpaltrip. In the following, we have discussed the costs and benefits of performing this surgery in Iran.

Cost of Butt Lift in Iran

Butt lift in Iran is an ideal and cost-effective method for body beautification. The cost of butt lift surgery in Iran depends on several factors, including:

  • Reputation, expertise and skill of the physician;
  • Equipment and services of clinic and butt lift center;
  • The amount of skin removed;
  • The choice between a normal and a Brazilian Butt Lift;
  • The volume of fat removed during the fat removal stage;
  • Measures to prepare the removed fat;
  • The volume of fat reinjected;
  • Cost of sessions and tests before butt lift;
  • Pre- and postoperative care.

You should note that this action is one of the most expensive beauty measures all around the world. However, the average cost of a butt lift in Iran is much lower than what is paid in the United States and Europe.

Take a look at the charts below to compare butt lift prices in Iran with the rest of the world.

Price in Iran vs. rest of the world
Iran : $2,300
Turkey : $3,500
Brazil : $3,600
India : $3,630
Thailand : $6,130
USA : $7,000

Surgery Details

Brazilian butt lift takes 2 to 3 hours, requires general anesthesia and 1 night of clinical stay . The average healing span for this surgery is 1 to 2 months and the candidate can resume work in just 14 days.




2 - 3 Hours

Clinical Stay

1 Nigjht

Total Stay

7 Days

Back to Work

10 - 14 Days


2 - 4 Weeks

Why Butt Lift?

why butt lift

A well-shaped buttocks have become a crucial matter as of late. But why has the volume and shape of the buttocks become so important?

Old Beliefs
Butt shape and pelvic width have been important since time immemorial. In those days, the old belief that women with larger a butt and wider pelvis had easier and safer deliveries made them more selective. Perhaps the influence of this ancient belief remains hidden in our beliefs today.

The Relationship Between Butt Shape and Health
The ratio of waist size to butt circumference has always been a measure of a person’s health.

Sagging Skin
Often aging causes sagging buttocks and loss of fat and muscle tissue in this area. Also, in people who have been on strict diets and have experienced sudden and severe weight loss, sagging skin is seen in the buttocks.

Wider hips, narrower waist. Bulky buttocks show clothes better. In short, who denies the beauty of the natural curves of the body in women?

Note which area of your body’s stored fat is most concentrated, depending on your genetics. There are always a few people in the gym who try to make their buttocks bigger or smaller, but they do not have much success. This is because of the predominant genetic role of fat and muscle volume in the buttocks.

If you also have a genetic predisposition to low fat accumulation in this area, or have a lean body and consequently a bony buttocks, if you want the clothes to look more beautiful on your body, if you have done everything in your power to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles but saw no results, butt lift surgery in Iran is a very suitable option for you.

Other Similar Methods to Reshape The Buttocks

Butt lifts are just one of the many solutions for shaping or filling your butts. In the following, we will briefly discuss the most famous methods of butt shaping and then we will describe the butt lift in detail.

Butt sculpting or Brazilian butt lift, is one of the best ways to increase butt volume. In this method, natural body fat is used to inject it into the buttocks. This procedure is not permanent and requires re-injection of fat after a while.


People who suffer from excessive butt size can reduce the size of their buttocks by using liposuction.

Butt Prosthesis

Butt prosthesis is adding volume to the butt by applying a layer of silicone. It is a permanent procedure. Liposuction usually gives a more natural shape to the buttocks, but depending on the center, natural prostheses can also be found. You can see how this is done in the picture below.

but lift prothesis

What is Butt Lift?

Butt lift is a cosmetic procedure in which excess fat around the buttocks, thighs and sides is removed by liposuction or surgery. The excess skin is then cut and removed. This action gives the buttocks a round and beautiful shape. On the other hand, when the volume around the buttocks, for example the sides and back of the thighs, is reduced, the buttocks look bulkier. 

By pulling the skin of this area, the sagging will be resolved and the buttocks will rise. That is why this beauty procedure is called butt lift. In butt lift, the body takes on the shape of an hourglass by removing excess fat from the sides and thighs. The shape of the hourglass body is known today as one of the criteria of a beautiful body. As the fat tissue drained from this method is not damaged, it can be injected into the buttocks. As stated before, injecting body fat into the butt area is called Brazilian butt lift.

Butt Lift Vs. Brazilian Butt Lift

It is often seen that people mistakenly use the terms Brazilian butt lift and the butt lift interchangeably. Butt lift is the removal of excess fat and tightening of the skin; while the Brazilian butt lift is an injection of fat into the buttocks. Fat injection can be done after butt lift.

Advantages of Butt Lift in Iran

As it is often not possible to achieve your dream body through proper exercise and nutrition, cosmetic interventions have become more important for fitness. Performing beauty treatments for fitness in Iran is increasing day by day. Butt lifts give the butts a more natural shape than other similar procedures. In short, butt lift is a good option because:

  • It is more affordable than other countries.
  • Iran is full of reputable and advanced cosmetic operation centers that  guarantee the results of butt lift in Iran.
  • The skills, knowledge and experience of Iranian doctors and specialists guarantee the quality of butt lift services in Iran.

If you are looking for a way to get your butts in shape with the hands of the best butt lift doctors in Iran; experience butt lift in Iran with us in Medpaltrip.

Who Is It Not For?

doctor to make sure that you are ready to perform this cosmetic procedure. Those who can not undergo butt lift surgery are:

  • People under 18 years old;
  • Pregnant women;
  • People with open skin, infection, skin disease or sores on the buttocks;
  • Those who are not healthy enough;
  • People who have heart or respiratory problems;
  • People with neurological problems;
  • Those who have a job or position where they can not sit for several weeks;
  • People who expect unrealistic results.

Preoperative Preparations

  • Relax and prepare your mind;
  • Before the butt lift, you will visit your doctor for consultation sessions to determine your goal of the butt lift and to review the necessary conditions. In these sessions, the doctor will ask about your medical history and the medications you are taking, and will carefully examine the sites needed for the lift or injection. You need to work with your doctor honestly.
  • Make sure you sleep well the night before your butt lift.
  • To improve results and repair faster after butt lift, it is best to stop drinking alcohol and smoking for two weeks before butt lift.
  • Drink enough water before and after butt lift.

How It Is Done

How butt lift is done

  1. The doctor first makes an incision in the lines he has already identified. It is on the hypothetical line separating the waist and buttocks;
  2. The surgeon lifts the skin in this area to remove excess fat and skin;
  3. He may remove the fat tissues a razor or through liposuction;
  4. Your surgeon will then remove the excess skin is to overcome the sagging buttocks;
  5. He will close up the incision;

Our team of skilled surgeons in Medpaltrip ensure ideal results with least complications.

Postoperative Care

  • The most important thing you need to be careful about after doing the butt lift is sitting. Avoid sitting for the first few days and be aware of how long you have been sitting for up to two months. This is one of the most challenging things to help you recover.
  • Do not drive while recovering.
  • In the first days after the butt lift, rest more. We do not recommend absolute resting; it is better to stay active along with the necessary care.
  • You should take your medications regularly.
  • Use belts and gowns recommended by your doctor.
  • Follow a healthy diet, balanced physical activity, and avoid tobacco and alcohol. Sleep adequate. These will help you recover more quickly.
  • Increase fluid and water intake after butt lift.
  • Be patient.

Possible Side Effects

If butt lift will not have any side effects under a skilled or these side effects will be minor and temporary such as bruising and light bleeding that will eventually disappear in a few days.

Take note that entrusting this operation to a skilled and experienced physician greatly reduces the possibility of these risks. Our team of professional consultants will be with you in choosing the best surgeons and hospitals.


Butt lifts usually take one to four hours but depending on the purpose of the butt lift, this time varies from person to person..
On average it is possible to inject, 300 to 250 cc of fat into each side of the buttocks.
There will be either local or general anesthesia. In local anesthesia, the person is conscious, but does not feel pain due to an injection into his nerves.
No. It is painless as the candidate is under local or general anesthesia.
The persistence of changes resulting from the removal of skin and fat is often permanent and largely depends on a person’s lifestyle. The best way to maintain these changes is to maintain a balance between your calorie intake and burns; that means burning as many calories as we eat. But in cases where fat injection is performed after butt lift (Brazilian butt lift), the changes caused by fat injection are not permanent. The body will absorb this added fat after a while due to constant sitting.
The ideal age for butt lifts is 26 to 35 years old. Those under the age of 18 should not commit this surgery.
No. You can return home after the butt lift. Of course, most people spend the night before the procedure in the hospital.

Final Words

Butt lift in Iran has many advantages.If you are also a fan of fitness and enjoy elegance and beauty; and if cost and quality are important to you; butt lift in Iran is a suitable option for you. In Medpaltrip we provide you with the opportunity to do this through traveling to Iran, under the supervision of the best butt lift specialists.

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