Calf Reduction in Iran

Procedure Details and Cost in Iran

The calves often have more muscle and less fat. Calf reduction surgery helps to shape and symmetrise the calves as other techniques often do not work as expected.

A Brief Look At Calf Reduction in Iran

Calf reduction is a great way to reduce the size of your leg. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your legs due to their size, you can use this cosmetic treatment to help you achieve the desired appearance. The popularity of reducing leg size is increasing day by day due to the variety in performing it and also the excellent result.

In this article, we try to have a general study about medical calf reduction in Iran; We also examine the cost, types, benefits, how it is done and postoperative care in Iran.

Cost Of Calf Reduction In Iran

The cost of calf reductions varies greatly depending on the type of method chosen. For example, more aggressive methods in the United States cost about $ 7,000 while non-invasive methods cost around $ 1,000. In Medpaltrip, all services are performed with high quality and reasonable prices. The cost depends on the following:

  • Physician skills, Medpaltrip direct you to the most proficient doctors in Iran;
  • The treatment technique.

Take a look at the charts below to compare calf reduction prices in Iran with the rest of the world.

Price in Iran vs. rest of the world
Iran : 2000$
Turkey : 3500$
India : 4000$
Brazil : 4505$
Thailand : 4533$
USA : 7600$

Procedure Details

Calf reduction takes around 2 hours and is often carried out under local anesthesia with no clinical stay necessary. The healing time is also relatively short at just a couple of weeks but the candidate can resume work as soon as 4 days after the procedure.




1 - 2 hours

Clinical Stay

Not Necessary

Total Stay

7 Days

Back to Work

4 - 7 Days


1 – 2 Weeks

Why is Calf Reduction Necessary?

why is calf reduction necessary

Calf size can increase for a variety of reasons; Including:

  • Genetics (if your Achilles tendon is short);
  • Exercise, especially when there is load on the toes (increases muscle mass);
  • How a person walks (use of sub-muscles that cause calf muscles to grow);
  • Increased adipose tissue (due to inactivity or overeating);

Whatever the reason for the size of the leg, you can use the following methods to reduce its volume and give a beautiful appearance to your leg.

What is Calf Reduction

Today, calf size plays an important role in increasing your self-confidence and beauty. Some people try to lengthen their calf muscles with the help of exercise, while some people seek to reduce its size. If you are in the second group, calf reduction is the right choice for you. In these methods, fat or muscle tissue can be removed from the calves.

Methods of Calf Reduction in Iran

In Iran, there are a number of techniques for calf reduction; including methods that are based on exercising and as well as medical methods that include surgical and non-surgical methods. Our experienced experts Medpaltrip will guide you in choosing the most suitable method.

In the following, we will examine each of these methods.


calf reduction liposuction

This method can be used in cases where the largeness of the calf is due to the presence of high fat in this area. In general, exercise can be used to eliminate fat in all parts of the body; however as exercising increases calf muscle mass and therefore its size, if you want to get rid of your calf fat tissue, liposuction is the right choice for you.

This procedure can be performed under both local and general anesthesia. Before the operation, the doctor draws lines on your foot to determine which areas need to be removed. The doctor then makes incisions in your calf and inserts tubes also known as cannulas. Then, through the movements of cannula, they create heat in  and as a result, the fatty tissue breaks down. This allows the cannula to easily remove fat. This process takes about 1 to 2 hours.


  • The surgical wound site heals completely after the operation;
  • Gives a beautiful appearance to your feet;
  • Due to its ability to be performed under local anesthesia, it is a low-risk method;
  • The recovery period is short (about 3 days);


  • Use painkillers if your experience pain;
  • You may feel tired for the first few days;
  • You may resume your daily activities in a week;
  • Avoid exercising for up to 4 weeks after surgery;
  • Massage the surgical site 3-4 times a day for 4 weeks.


Calf reduction by lipomatic is one of the new methods that is done in Iran. In this method, with the help of a device, excess fat tissues are removed. Lipomatic is a device that works with compressed air and it dissolves fats with its constant vibrating movements in the leg, without damaging the skin.


  • The recovery period is short (about 1 to 2 days);
  • Does not change color on the skin;
  • It is painless;
  • If the device hits a tissue other than fat, the device shuts down quickly.

Who Is It For?

Who is it for

Many people who want to lose weight in their legs and achieve a beautiful appearance, can use the above methods. Calf reduction is suitable for:

  • People who want symmetry in their calf muscles;
  • People who are looking to lose fat of their calves;
  • Those who are born with large legs;
  • People who are aware of the potential dangers of weight loss methods;
  • People who have reasonable expectations of therapeutic interventions.

The following people should avoid calf reduction

  • People who are looking for severe weight loss have loose skin and a lot of excess on their legs. In these people, in addition to the methods mentioned, it may be necessary to remove the skin.
  • In overweight people, due to the important role of leg muscles in bearing body weight, calf reduction with the help of the above methods should not be done alone; Because it causes weakness and problems in the knee.
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