MedPalTrip’s CEO in Keshik Salamat TV Show

Gaining New Perspectives on Medical Tourism in Iran

The growing popularity of medical tourism has brought numerous opportunities and challenges for both patients and healthcare providers. While medical tourism offers the promise of affordable treatments and access to specialized care, it is not without its obstacles.

The Keshik Salamat is an Iranian TV show focused on healthcare services. This program is a forum for raising and following up people’s demands from the health system.

In this episode of Keshik Salamt, Mrs Farideh Najafi, MedPalTrip’s CEO explored the challenges faced by the medical tourism industry, with a particular focus on the impact of brokers.

Mrs. Najafi reviewed the methods of attracting patients from the country’s borders. She considered the role of brokers to be harmful, in addition to the case of the existing masters. Relying on the services provided by MedPalTrip, which we will discuss further, she demonstrated that with proper advertising and government branding, it’s possible to gain a good position in the region.

Additionally, Mrs. Najafi proposed solutions to address the challenges posed by brokers in the following instances, which can be managed by the all-inclusive packages & services provided by the company:

  • Ensuring patients have access to reputable businesses
  • Exploring alternatives to formal contracts to reduce patient costs
  • Preventing brokers from taking advantage of patients’ lack of knowledge
  • Ensuring patients receive the necessary quality in surgical procedures
  • Addressing the lack of medical follow-up by brokers

While medical tourism offers numerous benefits, it is not without its challenges. The impact of brokers in the industry raises concerns about trust, transparency, and ethical practices. Overcoming these challenges requires collaboration between healthcare providers, regulators, and policymakers to establish robust quality assurance mechanisms, address cultural and language barriers, and ensure patient-centered care.

By addressing these challenges, the medical tourism industry can continue to evolve and provide safe and reliable healthcare services to patients seeking treatment abroad.

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